The '80s was, undoubtedly, the golden era of action cartoons.

You had such classics like 'Transformers', 'Bravestarr', 'He-Man', 'M.A.S.K' and loads more besides. There were other cartoons during the era, like 'Care Bears', 'Rainbow Brite', 'Jem' and 'Strawberry Shortcake', but it was the laser-blasting, screaming guitar solo-driven cartoons of the '80s that stood out the most.

Probably because they were the loudest, in fairness. Also, a lot of these were eventually turned into so-so live-action movies (although 'Bumblebee' was great), so that probably helps with the memory.

So, how well can you remember them all? We've got 15 images pulled straight from yesteryear, and all you've got to do is match them to the cartoon they're from. Just for good measure, we've thrown in a couple of ringers including one or two '90s cartoons as potential answers.

We're sound like that. Good luck!