We are halfway through October already, if you can believe it. There's already whisperings of the c-word, but don't worry, not from these here parts. Best thing about this time of year though is that TV really ups its game in the Autumn schedule and there's always something decent to watch of an evening. We've had a gander through all that's on the telly this weekend, and have our top picks below....


Stand Up To Cancer

Channel Four: From 7.00pm

It's going to be difficult to switch over to anything other than Channel Four tonight, as they have one hell of a night of telly in store as part of their Stand Up to Cancer campaign. The evening will be hosted by Davina McCall, Alan Carr, Christian Jessen and The Last Leg's lads and programmes will include a Gogglebox: Celebrity Special, followed by some very random celeb partnerships, beginning with Jamie Oliver and Taylor Swift, who will be getting together for a sketch. After that, Andy Murray and Richard Ayoade will be screen testing some famous faces, and later on Martin Freeman and his wife Amanda Abbington will be having their minds blown by Derren Brown. Last but most definitely not least, Will Ferrell will be presenting an exclusive sketch. All that will take you up to midnight, so you may want to click the record button if you had plans to watch anything else.

The Graham Norton Show

BBC1: 10:35pm

So some of the lineups so far this season have just been alright really, but then Graham has set the standard remarkably high in the past. Tonight however, is one episode we are really looking forward to. Graham meets not one but two Hollywood legends as Godfather and Apocalypse Now star Robert Duvall is on the show, along with Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr. They are both starring in new movie The Judge together, which looks pretty damn good by all accounts. They will be joined by writer, actor and presenter Stephen Fry, who will be chatting about the third volume of his autobiography, More Fool Me. Finally, a few of our own lot will be on the show! Yep, Bono and the lads will be performing their new new single The Miracle of (Joey Ramone). So now, didn't we tell you it was good?

The Shawshank Redemption

TV3: 9.00pm

The classic that has been answered so many times as people's favourite movie that it's pretty much become a joke to say it is. That doesn't take away from the fact that it really is one of the all time greatest movies. In case you have somehow never had the privilege of watching it yet, it stars Tim Robbins as a banker who is wrongly jailed for his wife's murder. Over the course of his life sentence he forms a close friendship with a fellow inmate, played by Morgan Freeman. And well, we won't spoil any of it for you, but it's the kind of movie that after you watch it, you literally can't be sure if you've ever seen a better movie, or ever will.



The Jonathan Ross Show

UTV: 10.20pm

Wossy is back! This show still doesn't seem to have quite the same magic as his BBC one did, but it's still good for a bit of Saturday night entertainment. A great lineup though, we have to say. Joining the host is legendary broadcaster David Attenborough, whose ambitious new natural history series, Life Story, begins on BBC One this week. As well as himself, X Factor judges Mel B and Cheryl will be on, the latter will be giving her first big interview since her summer wedding. Finally, and this one is kind of a big deal, Steve Carrell is on the show! How great an opening show lineup is that?! Oh and we even have one more for you - Paolo Nutini will be singing a song. Now, what more could you ask for.

The X Factor

TV3 and UTV: 8.00pm

The opening show last week saw poor aul Louis Walsh lose two of his acts, so hopefully he will be left alone this week, although you couldn't be too sure of that. This week the theme is the eighties, as the singers don all their favourite legwarmers and glitter and belt out a few classics from the decade that fashion forgot. No doubt the judges will be getting into the swing of things too and sure what better way to set you up for a night on the tiles than screaming 'Total Eclipse of the Heart' at the top of your lungs.

The Runway

RTE2: 9.30pm

Movie about a South American pilot crashes his plane near a rural Irish village, and becomes somewhat of a celebrity around the place. The townsfolk even rally around and help him to fix the plane and build a runway so he can set off again. Absolute best part of all this? It's based on a true story! Yep, this happened in Mallow in Cork in the eighties. Although no doubt they have Hollywood this tale up to the max, but how and ever, still an entertaining enough watch!



Hitler's Hidden Drug Habit

Channel 4: 8.00pm

It appears Hitler may have been off his biccy for the majority of his time back in the day, explains a lot anyways. This documentary examines his physician's diaries, which have proven far more remarkable than fiction. It transpires that the German leader was in fact a hypochondriac and a nervous wreck, who was dependent on a cocktail of drugs including powerful stimulants and depressants. My. Word. That's like letting Cheech and Chong run a country, although no doubt that would have been a far more pleasant experience.

Sunday Night at the Palladium

UTV: 7.00pm

It's the last in the series of these shows tonight, and it's finishing with our favourite host yet, Rob Brydon! He has a load of great guests joining him too, with music from Neil Diamond, Paloma Faith as well as Texas - who knew they were still knockin' around? Comedy will be provided by Milton Jones and Daniel Sloss, while the cast of Jersey Boys perform much-loved numbers from the hit West End production. There will also be some daredevil moves from Portuguese duo Dany Daniel & Edina and finally, Japanese dance performer Kenichi Ebina (winner of America's Got Talent 2013) will be on busting a few moves.

All-Island School Choir Competition

RTE 1: 5.15pm

Anne Cassin presents this competition which sees school choirs from across Ireland compete in a singing contest, that we are assuming is our answer to Glee, but don't quote us on that. The first regional final begins at St Patrick's Cathedral, Armagh featuring choirs from all across Ulster and it will all culminate in a grand final held in the Titanic Centre, Belfast. Yeah look, we know this could be as dull as dishwater, but think of how much it means to the wee childers, won't you?

If you fancy enjoying any of the above with some tasty eats, get yourself down to Centra, perfect pit stop to grab a good feed on any night in. Deals galore!