Come on, you can't be shocked that they're turning 'Risk' from a boardgame into a TV series.

For one, there was a movie made a few years back about emojis. It was an absolute ball of sh*t, yes, but it was made and it exists. Patrick Stewart voiced one of the emojis in it, like. These things exist in our world now.

Anyway, THR has confirmed that 'House of Cards' showrunner Beau Willimon, who also wrote 'Mary, Queen of Scots' starring our Saoirse Ronan and Margot Robbie, is working on a series based on the Hasbro boardgame.

So far, no casting details have been announced and there's zero word on a plot, but given how it's 'Risk', it could be anyone's guess. The game was first made in 1957 by French filmmaker Albert Lamorisse and, since then, has been among the most popular board games ever made.

The game, if you've never played it, is often set during the Napoleonic Wars and sees players assume control of an army with the goal of taking over the world by either battling your fellow players (through dice-rolling) or by making alliances with them and then stabbing them in the back (not literally) later.

No air date has been set for the series as of yet, but expect there to be some kind of reference to people trying to take over Australia or something about Kamchatka.