Stranger Things has been responsible for a lot of things since it debuted on Netflix last summer.

It's given the kids - Millie Bobby Brown et al - a career and reminded us that child actors can actually, y'know, act. It's reminded us that the '80s had some amazing music. It's made men with big hair cool again. It's also reminded us that horror / sci-fi set in suburban America is really, really enjoyable and entertaining.

Of course, we all know that Stephen King was the master of horror in suburbia, so it's not that surprising that he and JJ Abrams have joined forces for a new TV series that taps into all of this. Castle Rock, a new TV series on US streaming service Hulu, is being described as an anthology series that'll thread together from characters and events from Stephen King's novels that are based in the Castle Rock area of Maine.

This new teaser shows off a few of the characters and places who'll feature in the series, such as Annie Wilkes from Misery, Danny Torrance from The Shining, Pennywise from It, the shop from Needful Things and even the Shawshank State Prison from Shawshank Redemption. Not only that, Castle Rock is the town in which The Dead Zone was set, so there's just tons of references from the shared Stephen King universe.

There hasn't been much in the way of casting and it's not yet known if the likes of Kathy Bates will reprise her role as Annie Wilkes, but it definitely is cool to see Stephen King joining forces again with JJ Abrams. The two worked together on the miniseries 11.22.63 and that was pretty cool, so hopefully Castle Rock will be just as good - if not better.

No air-date has been set for Hulu or this side of the Atlantic, but there'll be more news likely in the coming months.