For many people of a certain age, the 'Top of the Pops' Christmas special was one of the TV highlights of Christmas Day.

Even when the weekly 'Top of the Pops' was pulled from the TV schedule in 2006, the annual Christmas special meant that there'd be one show for music-lovers in the midst of all the celebrity gameshows, festive films and avoiding-of-the-Queen's-Speech (if you're Irish, that is.)

This year, however, reports suggest that the BBC has axed the TOTP Christmas Special, which has been running for the last 57 years.

A source told The Sun: "[BBC] bosses felt the cost involved in creating a one-off show like this were too high to justify. Creating the studio and bringing together a string of artists to perform for just this programme required a disproportionate amount of resources.

“But it will be seen as the sad end of an era by millions of Brits who saw it as a Christmas Day must-watch along with the Queen’s Speech.”

The BBC has yet to confirm the reports, but social media users have been reacting to the news...