We all felt a bit hard done by when True Blood ended two years ago. Sure it was losing a bit of pace after seven seasons, but the show made vampires sexy and chic again, and made up for many, many poor attempts to give the legendary otherworldly creatures a present day relevance...

Fortunately, according to The New York Post, the series is coming back from the dead (if you’ll pardon the pun) in the form of a musical no less. HBO is developing the Broadway show and while the network is keeping as much under wraps as possible, with the planned production still in very early stages, we have learned a few things.

Nathan Barr, who composed the distinct music for the TV series, will provide music for the musical. Book and lyrics will be written by Living Dead Girl author Elizabeth Scott. Series creator Alan Ball is said to have some involvement as well, although his exact role is yet to be confirmed. Broadway director Pam McKinnon is also attached.

The cast so far includes Ellen Foley (of TV’s Night Court”), Claybourne Elder (Broadway’s Bonnie & Clyde) and Ann Harada (Avenue Q). There’s no word on any of the TV show’s cast being involved (Alexander Skaarsgard can currently be seen playing the lord of the jungle in The Legend of Tarzan) but we can dream, can’t we??

According to the Post: ‘“True Blood: The Musical” is set in the fictional town of Bon Temps, La., where vampires live among humans. The town also boasts witches, fairies, shape-shifters and werewolves. If a full production ever materializes, there will be plenty of special effects.’

Vampire musicals haven’t exactly developed a great rep, what with the likes of 2002’s Dance With The Vampires and Lestat both flopping on Broadway. Here's another vampire musical we would've loved seen made a reality:


Via The New York Post