One of the best TV shows of 2020 will finally be available for Irish viewers to keep us warm on those cold January evenings. Much like 'Fargo' season four finally becoming available over here on TG4 months after its US debut, 'The Great' too will begin airing in a couple of weeks time on Channel 4. The first series originally became available on Hulu in May of this year.

Starring Elle Fanning as Catherine the Great (Catherine II), the series is one that will perk many people's interest if historically inaccurate romantic dramas/comedies are your thing.

The series follows the main character as she goes from a seemingly naive-acting teenage bride of Peter, the Emporer of Russia (a fantastically cast Nicholas Hoult), to leading her own private "coup" against her husband.

The series is loosely based on the rise of Catherine II, and shows how she ended up as the Empress of Russia from 1762 to 1796. While the bones of the storyline are correct, whether the various other storylines involved in 'The Great' are true remains to be seen.

Fans of Netflix's new series 'Bridgerton' will love 'The Great', as it is full of dramatic twists and turns, hilarious subplots, and steamy scenes that ensure your attention is well and truly caught.

Alongside Fanning and Hoult are a strong supporting cast, with Phoebe Fox ('The Aeronauts') as Marial, Catherine's right-hand woman; Sebastian de Souza ('Normal People') as the fictional lover for Catherine, Count Leo Voronsky; Sacha Dhawan ('Iron Fist') as the diffident Count Orlo; and Adam Godley ('Breaking Bad') as the untrustworthy Archbishop, Archie.

Here's the trailer for you.

And just to make it even better, Hulu will be making a second season too. Huzzah! (This is Nicholas Hoult's Peter's favourite saying FYI).


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'The Great' will begin on Channel 4 Sunday, January 3 at 9 pm.