It's not often that we'll bawl while watching a bit of telly but if you happened to be watching Educating Yorkshire (Channel 4) lately then you might know why a young lad by the name of Mushy landed us in a glass case of emotion.

Mushy sent his fellow students and teachers into floods of tears when he took to the stage to thank them for helping him to find his voice, ending his long struggle to come with a stammer that had knocked his confidence and left him silent.

Well, now it looks as though the young lad is breaking hearts across the interweb as the video of his King's Speech moment (in which he uses music to help him power through ala King George VI) continues to captivate viewers.

"The reaction has been absolutely crackers" teacher Matthew Burton (yer man in the video) wrote in The Guardian's TV and Radio Blog. "There have been photographs, Twitter followers, interviews, and #teammushy et al, and it's absolutely incredible."

He slammed critcs who suggested that the show (which saw cameras following the staff and students of Thornhill Academy) was terrible because it showed students on TV. "They're entitled to their opinion" he wrote, "but tell me this: how can hundreds of thousands of people telling this wonderful, hard-working young gentleman how proud they are of him possibly be doing him any harm? He's not one of the Jackson Five; he's not Macaulay Culkin, and he's categorically not going to film a music video snogging a hammer and gyrating on a wrecking ball" Burton continued. "He's a top-drawer young man who is rightfully taking the plaudits for years of graft, much of it against the odds."

Burton went on to hit back at those who suggested the whole thing had been set up, arguing that the whole thing has been genuine and revealing that the staff had been "chuffed as chips" when Musharaf finally found his voice. "Musharaf-type moments don't happen every day, but minor miracles do" he wrote, "and children make progress, and for that, we are so incredibly proud."

Excuse us, we think we have something in our eye...