Hannibal is largely regarded by those that watch it as one of the best but most underrated shows on TV at the moment, however perhaps the addition of Gillian Anderson as a series regular this season will get people's attention.

Anderson, who plays Dr Bedelia Du Maurier, has appeared in season one and two of the psychological thriller but now has a recurring role in this upcoming season as Hannibal's new bride.

Showrunner Bryan Fuller told Digital Spy recently that Anderson; "has quite a big role in the first half of the season, and she's hilarious. There's one episode in particular, episode six, where she is laugh-out-loud funny, and it's such a treat because you don't see a lot of comedy from Gillian Anderson in her roles, but she's very funny as a human being and incredibly funny as an actress when she turns it on."

Gillian Anderson is funny? Who knew.

Hannibal returns stateside on June 4 on NBC.