From the minds of the Duplass brothers, this new anthology series looks as exciting as it is weird (and that's a lot).

Ever since Ryan Murphy leaned into his shortcomings at playing out long series and made 'American Horror Story', anthologies have become all the rage. The latest show adding itself to the trend is HBO's 'Room 104', which sees a plethora of actors throwing themselves at the mercy of Mark and Jay Duplass.

Set in a single room of an American motel, 'Room 104' tells a different story in each of its 12 weeks as guests check in and out, offering a window into the lives of characters with a vast array of quirks.

Cue Dawson Leery dancing in a tux, a couple of Mormon missionaries, a Santa Claus, and a randy elderly couple to identify but a few of the room's occupants.

It looks equal parts 'Twilight Zone' and Hitchcock so make of that what you will.

'Room 104' is set to premiere on HBO on July 28th.