The trailer for Bill Murray's star-studded Netflix Christmas special 'A Very Murray Christmas' dropped yesterday, but Bill Murray is in the Music News headlines today for a different reason.

The actor has teamed up with French band Phoenix for a new Christmas single 'Alone on Christmas Day', which will coincide with the launch of the hour-long show on December 4th. The song is a cover of a Beach Boys track that was written in 1979 but later unused by the band.

Also featuring on the song is actor and sometime musician Jason Schwartzmann, New York Dolls frontman David Johansen (as Buster Poindexter) and songwriter and former Musical Director of The Tonight Show with David Letterman, Paul Schafer.

The connection was most likely made through 'A Very Murray Christmas''s director Sofia Coppola, who is married to Phoenix frontman Thomas Mars.

The single is not online to listen to yet, but while we're waiting to hear it, you can take a look at the artwork below: