As we reported last night, Dave Grohl took a stumble on stage during a gig in Gothenburg, Sweden which saw the Foo Fighters frontman break his leg.

Did that stop him? Absolutely not. The ex-Nirvana drummer took the stage, with his leg in a fresh cast and a paramedic supporting the thing whilst he continued on with the concert.

If that's not the definition of rock star, we don't know what is. Kinda makes you think of that time Sam Smith got pissed before a concert cancelled a concert because he wasn't feeling well.

Anyway, Grohl posted this picture from Foo Fighters' Twitter account, showing the actual leg break itself.

As for whether or not Grohl will continue the tour is uncertain. Even if you're not a fan of his music, you've got to respect that level of dedication.

Grohl completed the concert, with a crutch and a cast, singing what we think is an acoustic version of Everlong.

Here's the video, with Grohl laughing about the paramedic helping him on-stage.

There goes our hero, watch him as he goes. (GROAN)


Via Twitter