This week in gaming...

KOTOR Cancelled?

The Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic remake that’s been in the works over at Sony and Aspyr has been put on pause. This comes in the same month that the game’s art director and design director were abruptly fired after showing a demo of the game to production partners.

Jason Schreier from Bloomberg reports that staff were told by Aspyr studio heads that the demo wasn’t where they wanted it to be and it’s been suggested that a disproportionate amount of time and money had gone into the demo.

If the project goes ahead, a more realistic release date would be 2025. This is a big blow to fans of the original 2003 game, which is still regarded by many as the best Star Wars game of all time.

GTA VI Details

There have been many-a-rumour floating around about GTA VI. The game reportedly takes place in a fictional version of Miami, which we know is Vice City in the GTA world, and will feature a female protagonist for the first time. The Latina woman will be one of a pair of leading characters inspired by Bonnie and Clyde.

This all comes as developer Rockstar takes care to clean up their act, both in their games and their workplace. The Bloomberg report states that they are taking care not to punch down, and make jokes at the expense of marginalised groups. Their working ethic has shifted away from the unsustainable crunch culture that saw employees working 7 day, 18 hour shifts after the controversial outcry from workers in 2018.

Controversy and sensationalism has always been a tool in Rockstar’s belt when it comes to their games. Hopefully this more mature, culturally sensitive style can marry well with their explosive ideas. 

Annapurna Showcase

Annapurna Interactive, the publisher of recent hit game Stray, held a showcase for some of their upcoming games. We saw more of Thirsty Suitors, a turn based action RPG that sees the young female protagonist fight off - well, Thirsty Suitors. It has a Scott Pilgrim-esque style of wackiness, using mind games, taunts, and the power of reconciliation to overcome challenges.

A new reveal from the showcase is The Lost Wild. This is a first person survival horror game that sees you trying to escape dinosaurs. As good as it looks, don’t expect this until 2024 at the earliest.

Irish developer Dreamfeel, creators of the award-nominated ‘If Found…’, got a developer showcase on the night. They teased some information of their upcoming game set in a fantasy version of Ireland, where all the characters are cats.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Releases

And Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has finally released. The 150 hour JRPG has gone down incredibly well with fans and newcomers alike, and is available on Nintendo Switch.