1987 Drama

The different faces of love provide the theme for this beautifully photographed film comprised of four short episodes. In the first story, two sisters head out for a New Year's Eve celebration and end up getting a ride with a car full of boys. The lads rape one of the girls, and strangely, the victim ends up falling in love with one of the rapists. In the second story, two young bucks who have been friends for ages spend a weekend at one of their wealthy father's homes. Eventually, they become much more than friends. The third tale deals with the emotions of an abandoned lover. While moping about, he watches TV and sees the picture of a Bengal tiger. Soon he becomes obsessed by the creature and spends many hours observing it at the zoo. His lover decides to return, but he spurns her. In the last story, a homeless fellow lives in an abandoned car. Among the locals he is known for his wisdom. One day, the doorkeeper of an adjacent building goes to see the derelict.