Weigh-ins for fights can always be a little bit contentious and ripe with emotion.

There's a lot of nervous energy in the room, fighters are piqued and ready to square off and relieving the tension with humour is often the best route. Angela Hill, a UFC fighter in the Strawweight division, decided to rock up to her weigh-in against Jessica Andrade evoking a well-known videogame character.

Anyone who's played Street Fighter II will, of course, be familiar with Sagat. He's the one-eyed, slow-but-tall fighter from Thailand with the massive reach on his opponents. Hill donned a eyepatch, fist wraps and even mimicked Sagat's unique fighting pose and celebration during her weigh-in.

It's clear Hill is obviously a fan both of Sagat and Street Fighter, and what's more, she even fights in Muay Thai - the same fighting style as Sagat.


Via Giphy