Videogames have become so realistic lately that it can feel like you're actually inside a realistic setting.

However, Iranian television might have taken it one step too far. Footage aired purporting to be a Hezbollah sniper dropping six ISIL fighters in Iran was actually discovered to be from EA / DICE's disappointing 2010's reboot of Medal of Honor.

The grainy footage, seen below, is taken from a sniper's viewfinder and sees him firing on targets. However, when the footage made its way to France 24, players clocked that it wasn't actual battlefield footage, but rather taken from in-game.


Kotaku later reported that the footage was most likely taken from a 2012 playthrough posted to YouTube, however some Iranian news outlets were still reporting the footage as genuine. One agency reportedly said that the sniper was using an Arash rifle, an Iranian-made rifle. Of course, that's not the case.



Still, decent sniping by whoever was playing. We've got more of a spray-and-pray strategy going. It doesn't work, but hey, it's fun.


Via France24