Humanity has been to the moon and cured diseases, but now we can add another achievement to the list.

YouTuber Basically Homeless has turned their toilet into a high-end gaming PC, and detailed the process in a brilliantly barmy YouTube video.

2022 will be remembered as the year that reality started to break down, and this story deserves to be catalogued for posterity.

In the video, Basically Homeless documents their process, which involved fitting the toilet tank with a motherboard tray, a suitable amount of airflow and a self-created "water wall" to keep the PC's tech and the toilet's plumbing separate.

For the PC gaming experience, spots were cut out on the top of the tank for a cooling fan and added RGB lighting to complete the look.

The PC is a pretty high-spec machine that would cost you €2,090 were you to order and build it yourself, so for Basically Homeless to risk their investment by merging it with their toilet makes for an 'Uncut Gems' style viewing experience.

As anyone who's ever attempted to build a gaming PC will know, the process can be fairly tricky, so adding in a plumbing project on top of it is an extra level of difficulty.

The video shows Basically Homeless enjoying a game of 'Counter-Strike: Global Offensive' on his new throne, with the game running at 240hz.

Basically Homeless states that he "basically had to become a plumber" to carry out the project, an as a result says he "now knows more about plumbing than I ever thought I would."

There's no word as of yet if Totally Homeless would call a computer repair person or a plumber were the PC to break down.

The full video can be seen here, and for DIY enthusiasts who want their gaming sessions to be carried out from the comfort of their toilet, this is the project to take on.