So it's finally here… 'tis the Season and all that! It's going to take a lot for us to want to get out of our comfy onesies and brave the wintery elements outside, but as luck would have it, there is a fantastic line-up of movies coming soon to a cinema near you! We've done all of the leg-work and picked the ten movies that you should be checking out over the next two months, with at least one a week for you to enjoy!

Release Date: December 6th 2013

Disney's take on The Snow Queen fairy-tale, which should come as good news to anyone who enjoyed their very entertaining interpretation of the Rapunzel story with Tangled a few years back. Kristen Bell is the most recognisable name in the voice cast, but this looks to be all about the lovely visuals, and the hilarious … Moose? Reindeer? Elk? … that thinks it's a dog.

Release Date:
December 13th 2014

The second in The Hobbit Trilogy looks like it's going to be a belter, as after all, the events of the first movie were the small guys heading to a mountain to meet a dragon, and in this movie, they meet the dragon! And in case you weren't aware, putting a dragon into a movie automatically makes the movie 1000% more awesome.

Release Date: December 20th 2013

Did you know that all of these guys are going to be in Dublin at the start of December? We've never been so excited in our entire lives! Has there been a movie more quotable from the last decade than the original Anchorman? "You know the old saying… NOPE!" We can't wait for the sequel, so we can annoy our friends with even more random sayings. Hooray!

Release Date: December 26th 2013

Let's be honest, Keanu Reeves isn't the world's greatest actor, but when it comes to action movies, he sure can pick 'em! Point Break, Speed (and he knew to steer clear of Speed 2), The Matrix (even though he didn't know to avoid those sequels). And now Ronin 47 look like a samurai version of 300, and oh lookie here, there's a DRAGON! #winning

Release Date: January 3rd 2014

Start your cinema going in 2014 off on the right foot with this movie from the Oscar-winning director of The Fighter and Silver Lining's Playbook. Just look at that cast-list! And just look at Bradley Cooper's perm. This is most likely going to be all over the Oscar's nominations list, so make sure you get to see it early.


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