We all know that horror films can be a traumatic experience and, quite often, they can even be a health-hazard.

This, however, takes it one step further. A sixty-five year old cinema patron in Tamil Nadu, India sat down to watch the sequel to The Conjuring 2. During the film, the unidentified man complained of chest pains to cinema staff who promptly called for an ambulance.

Sadly, the man fainted and eventually passed away before the ambulance arrived. It's understood the man suffered from a stroke and began to suffer chest pains during the film's climax.

There's more. Following his pronouncement, doctors ordered the man's body to be moved to Tiruvannamalai Government Medical College Hospital where a post-mortem was to be carried out to determine the exact cause of death.

However, it's now believed that both the man's cadaver AND the person transporting him have both disappeared. The film, along with this incident, have caused huge waves of panic in rural India. Most likely, of course, there's a rational explanation for both the man's disappearance and the incident itself.

As it stands, police are investigating both the body's disappearance and the person charged with its transport for post-mortem.


Via Times of India