That's a reference to 'Pigs In Space', a segment of 'Muppets Tonight' - but also a reference to Brad Pitt being in space for 'Ad Astra'.

Written and directed by James Gray, 'Ad Astra' sees Brad Pitt play an all-American astronaut whose father - Tommy Lee Jones - left Earth in search of advanced alien life-forms almost 20 years before the events of the movie. However, the mission his father embarked was deemed a failure as he never returned, but sure enough, it now looks like there's a chance he's still out on the edges of the solar system.

'Ad Astra', for anyone who doesn't speak Latin, means "to the stars" and the full phrase is "Per aspera ad astra", which means "through hardship to the stars". What's that got to do with the movie, you're asking? Well, going by the trailer, the hardships involve some kind of power surge that causes a space station to explode with Brad Pitt still attached to it, and obviously some kind of rogue team of astronauts in there as well.

The movie was delayed a couple of times as director James Gray was insistent that the special effects and visual design be perfect, so that alone makes it pretty exciting. Not only that, brainy sci-fi like this and 'Interstellar' always make for an interesting watch. Judging by this trailer, it looks like a similar vibe.

'Ad Astra' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 18th.