It may have something to do with the fact that The Disaster Artist is doing gangbusters at the specialty box office in the US, but the film on which its based - The Room - is finally getting a wide theatrical release in the US.

According to THR, the film will be screened in 600 cinemas across the US on January 10th for a special, one-day screening and will also feature a trailer for Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau's mysterious new film, Best F(r)iends. On top of all that, Wiseau is hoping for a 15th Anniversary Screening at the Hollywood Bowl for The Room.

"I've never called it a cult phenomenon, or whatever they call it," said Wiseau to THR. "I call it a free expression, that's what The Room represents. I encourage people to express themselves in the screenings. A ton of people ask me, 'Why do you encourage that?' I say, 'Why not?' What I wanted was to give them a smile and it's their choice if they want to express themselves."

The Disaster Artist is still in Irish cinemas.