'Sorry to Bother You' is a pretty nuts movie, so you'd wonder what the man behind it is like.

We got to sit down with Boots Riley to chat about it. He reveals where the idea for the movie came from.

Boots Riley also talked to us about his background being a rapper and music producer and how that helped him write and direct his debut feature.

Riley also chatted about how Tessa Thompson, now a big star off the success of 'Thor Ragnarok' and 'Creed' came on board. He also tells us the movies that inspired 'Sorry to Bother You'.

You can listen to the interview via our 'On the Line' podcast series below.

'Sorry to Bother You' is set in an alternate present-day Oakland and follows a telemarketer named 'Cash' who uses his "white voice" to move up the job chain.

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'Sorry to Bother You' hits cinemas this Friday on December 7th.