If there's an award going for the dumbest movie-related controversy going, this business with the American flag and 'First Man' is bound win it for this calendar year.

The long and short of it, if you were blissfully unaware, focuses on a bunch of right-wing American commentators who took exception - WITHOUT ACTUALLY SEEING THE MOVIE - to the notion that the exact moment the American flag was missing from 'First Man'. Just to be clear, you can see the flag waving / floating / whatever in the background of some scenes and it even features in the trailer for the movie. However, the precise scene where Armstrong and Aldrin planted the flag is missing.

That, it would seem, is tantamount to anti-American sentiment according to these people. Anyway, Buzz Aldrin's Twitter account posted this series of images yesterday morning which appears to be weighing in on the whole thing.

Take a look.

It seems kind of ridiculous, but given how Aldrin was actually on the moon and saw the whole thing happen with his own two eyes, you're left wondering why he'd even care about this. As Armstrong's two sons pointed out in their statement over the weekend - and we're paraphrasing here - there's absolutely no way this argument makes any sense because, firstly, none of these people have actually seen the movie and secondly, there's repeated shots of it actually in the movie. Not only that, the achievement of walking on the moon was for all mankind.

Armstrong literally said that it was one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind - meaning everybody, not just right-wing nutjobs. Again, this has got to be the stupidest argument to have and not one of these people - probably not even Buzz Aldrin - has even seen the movie yet.

'First Man' arrives in Irish cinemas on October 12th.