Channing Tatum just headlined his third smash it film in a row after The Vow and 21 Jump Street, as Magic Mike makes its $7 million budget (which he put up out of his own pocket) look like an increasingly wise investment.

The actor has signed up for a couple of projects since his new found superstardom, including the Jamie Foxx co-starring action flick White House Down and the Wachowski sibling's science fiction film Jupiter Ascending. According to The Hollywood Reporter, he's now looking to star in and produce a film about daredevil Evel Knievel - a role his Magic Mike co-star Matthew McConaughey circled a few years back. Knievel became a worldwide household name for his incredible stunts, "Stars-and-Stripes getup" and a staggering 433 broken bones. Tatum will produce with his Iron Horse Entertainment partner Reid Carolin, who will also write the screenplay, based on the 2008 book Life of Evel.

No word on a director, but Tatum's buddy, and helmer of Magic Mike and Haywire, Steven Soderbergh would surely be into this one? Magic Mike is a lot of fun and is in cinemas now.