Currently very much on a hot streak after The Vow and 21 Jump Street, Channing Tatum is teaming with Roland Emmerich for his typically high concept new action thriller, White House Down.

According to the fine folk at Heat Vision, Tatum will move back into action territory to play a "Secret Service agent and single dad who must save the president when his official residence is taken over by paramilitary group. The equally in demand scriptwriter James Vanderbilt penned the flick, and picked up a few million dollars for his trouble; he's also behind the likes of Zodiac and The Amazing Spider-Man. Tatum really rattled Hollywood with the one-two combination of 'Vow' and 'Street' after both opened big and showed strong staying power.

This may stink of high-concept idiocy, but the script is apparently very strong and Emmerich knows how to blow up The White House and make it look cool.