It's not surprising that Mission Impossible 5 is being fast tracked given the huge success the fourth movie was. Recently rumours have been circulating that Paramount Pictures and Tom Cruise have their eye on Oscar winning Christopher McQuarrie to helm the next installment in the franchise.

McQuarrie is not known for directing huge blockbusters, previous to this he has penned scripts for Valkyrie, Mission Impossible 4, the upcoming All You Need is Kill, and most notably The Usual Suspects which he won Best Original Screenplay for, so it will be interesting to see how he will fit into the franchise. He has just finished work on Jack Reacher, an adaption of the Lee child's book One shot, which also stars Tom Cruise. 

McQuarrie will have big shoes to fill, Mission Impossible 4 directed by Brad Bird, took in $700 million worldwide and has been called the best movie of the franchise to date, no pressure then! Screenwriters will be hired before McQuarrie is officially brought on board but he is the guy JJ Abrams and Tom Cruise want. Jack Reacher is released in Ireland on the 26th December the trailer of which you can check out below