Is Mr Chow about to get his own spin off movie off the back of The Hangover franchise? Now that would be one expletive-filled insane movie with total disregard for responsibility or P.C. considerations. His co-star Zach Galifianakis (Alan) thinks it could work.

Ah all started with Mr. Chow, played by Ken Jeong, springing out of a boot in his birthday suit and attacking the bachelor party gang.Most films have at least one voice of reason, but this one has a stronger voice of dissent, and that voice belongs to Chow. Perhaps this is exactly why Galifianakis thinks a Chow spin off is 'intriguing'. Any excuse for Galifianakis to see Chow rock those Ray Bans,tighty whiteys and man satchel like a real man.

Speaking to ET Online, The Hangover actor Galifianakis stated ' If there was a spinoff - I don't think I envision a spinoff - but if there was one, I think one with [Chow] would work.' Co-star Ed Helms added that a spin off film based on his own character Stu would be 'the most boring movie of all time'. True, dentists aren't known for their sense of adventure but Helms is being harsh on poor Stu. This is a man who got a face tattoo and a missing tooth on a stag night, albeit in a somewhat altered mind frame.

The third installment of The Hangover, which director Todd Phillips has called a darker version, is set for release Friday May 24th. Be there to see Mr Chow cuss the crap out of his homies.