Not surprisingly, Donald Trump has hit out at an upcoming satire movie - in which wealthy people hunt poor people for sport in Eastern Europe - as it being a movie about him.

'The Hunt' has already proven to be controversial, as a marketing blitz that was due to kick off last week was postponed due to the recent mass shootings in the US. The trailer footage reportedly featured references to Donald Trump, with the wealthy hunters - one of whom is played by Glenn Howerton from 'It's Always Sunny...' - referring to their quarry as "deplorables".

The term is a reference to a speech by Hillary Clinton in which she described some of the people who supported Donald Trump's campaign as "a basket of deplorables", a term which Trump supporters then reappropriated for themselves. On top of that, the trailer also saw one of the characters describe the US President - but didn't name Trump - as the "ratfucker-in-chief".

Given how the shooter in El Paso was directly inspired by Donald Trump's racist speeches, it's not surprising that the studio decided to pull the trailer in light of the events - but that didn't stop Fox News from making a splash out of it. In a segment on 'The Ingraham Angle', regular Fox News contributor and guy who was in 'Licence To Kill' and 'Die Hard', Robert Davi, was brought out to give the insider's perspective on Hollywood marketing.

So, not unlike a sewerage system, the shit flushed down the toilet of Fox News eventually ended up in Donald Trump's paddling pool, where the US President decided to make his feelings known on the movie without specifically naming it.

Of course, the truth is that the movie is a satire and is intended to be controversial and address the deep, systemic inequalities in American society when it comes to economic wealth, education, social mobility, all of that stuff. That Donald Trump or Fox News are trying to pin the violence inherent in the US on movies and videogames and not on relaxed gun laws and embracing violent racism is par for the course.

Plus, this is exactly the kind of thing that's going to make people want to go see 'The Hunt' because it'll likely drive Trump - who famously wanted to work in Hollywood before he decided to destroy America's moral standing - into another tweet-storm.

'The Hunt' arrives in Irish cinemas on September 27th.