Quentin Tarantino has, to date, never made a sequel.

Before you start cribbing in the comments that 'Kill Bill Vol.1' and 'Kill Bill Vol.2' are sequels, guess again. The director confirmed that they are, in fact, the same movie - just split into two parts, therefore constituting one movie.

Anyway, Tarantino has never done a sequel and while there's been talk about a potential 'Kill Bill Vol.3', there's been another sequel - or prequel, as it turns out - that's been rumoured for years.

'Double V Vega' was rumoured as far back as 'Jackie Brown' in the '90s, with Tarantino apparently toying with the idea of joining up 'Reservoir Dogs' and 'Pulp Fiction' with a prequel movie. However, the idea never came to fruition and since John Travolta and Michael Madsen are now aged out of both roles, it never came to be.

Tarantino revealed some details for the movie on CinemaBlend's ReelBlend podcast earlier this week, teasing up the premise for 'Double V Vega'.

"It would’ve taken place in Amsterdam during the time that Vincent was in Amsterdam. In 'Pulp Fiction', he’s just come back from Amsterdam and he’s telling the story and everything," Tarantino explained.

“He was running some club for Marsellus Wallace in Amsterdam, he was probably there for a couple years. At some point during his two years spent running some club, Vic shows up to visit him, and it would’ve been their weekend. Exactly what happened to them or what kind of trouble they got into I never took it that far."

Vic Vega - or Mr. Blonde - would have been played by Michael Madsen, the character he played in 'Reservoir Dogs'. Tarantino confirmed a while ago that he considered the two characters - Vincent Vega from 'Pulp Fiction', and Vic Vega from 'Reservoir Dogs' - as brothers.

While the movie, of course, never came to fruition, you can probably guess what scenes would feature. Clearly, there's got to be a scene where Vincent and Vic go to a McDonald's and order a Royale with cheese. Not only that, there's got to be a scene where they go to a cinema and order beer, with people drowning their fries in mayonnaise too.

See? This thing writes itself.