The first trailer for psychological thriller 'Luce' has just dropped and it looks like a pretty hard-hitting film, all told.

Directed by Julius Onah ('The Cloverfield Paradox') and adapted from JC Lee's play, it tells the story of Luce, a high school teenager adopted from war-torn Africa as a child and now living the American dream. However, his world is disrupted when a teacher (Octavia Spencer) discovers a paper that he has written which calls his motivations and integrity into question.

It's a pretty stellar cast, with Naomi Watts and Tim Roth playing his parents, and Kelvin Harrison Jr. ('It Comes at Night') playing the titular character. Given the current political and racial turmoil in the US, it's sure to strike a chord with audiences.

It debuted at Sundance and its Irish release date is TBC, but watch this space.

Watch it below: