Star of Olympus has Fallen, Gerard Butler, thinks Channing Tatum could beat him in a fight. What do we think? Yeah, he's probably on the money there.

In the latest save-the-day action movie, (Olympus Has Fallen) 43-year-old Butler stars as army ranger turned secret service agent Mike Banning whose priority it is to rescue the US President after he is taken hostage in the White House.

Meanwhile, Mr. Tatum stars in what basically seems like the same movie under a different name, White House Down.

If the two action heroes were to go head to head, (well they will, at the box office when we take a gander at the end of year results) Butler reckons Channing would flatten him.

Speaking to Bang Showbiz at the Olympus has Fallen premiere, Butler said: 'His (Channing's) is crap! No I'm joking, I haven't seen it but I'm sure it's going to be amazing. Channing Tatum's better than me without a doubt. Channing would win in a fight, yeah.'

He then joked: 'No I don't believe anything I just said, I'm just trying to be humble.'

While we've yet to see which actor would come out on top in a physical battle, what we can compare is their action hero chops.

Gerard Butler has thus far kicked ass in 300, he's gotten his hands dirty in Reign of Fire, he's starred as Norse warrior Beowulf and appeared as a crusader for hundreds of Sudanese children who've been forced to become soldiers in Machine Gun Preacher (among others). Then there were the less impressive turns like Playing for Keeps, PS I Love You and The Bounty Hunter.

As for Tatum, he's got a whole lot less hardcore action credentials to his name. Granted, he recently starred in GI Joe: Retaliation, appeared as Pretty Boy Floyd in Public Enemies and exhibited major action chops in The Eagle, we've actually become more accustom to seeing him in character driven roles (Side Effects, Magic Mike etc). That's not to say he won't destroy all that gets in his way come White House Down.

So here you have two fairly well rounded Hollywood heroes, with both action and dramatic roles in their repetoire. Who'd win in a fight? You decide.

White House Down: 6th September 2013

Olympus Has Fallen: 17th April 2013