Hunky Henry Cavil is dead set on delivering the goods when he dons that iconic cape for the role of Superman. The Man of Steel actor has said that it is his aim to do justice to Superman's long standing legacy when he takes it on for Zack Snyder's reboot. Speaking with Cineplex, the actor described the forthcoming Nolanised flick as "a modernisation of the character", "a very realistic" view of a "very fantastic individual." What's more, Cavil firmly believes that audiences will find it easier to relate to his take on the role when compared with previous interpretations.

The Cold Light of Day actor made it clear how aware he is that with great power (being given this role), comes great responsibility (delivering on said role). Oh no wait, that was Spiderman who said that; same gist though. Cavil welcomes this challenge with open arms.

"It's important to do the role justice. There are a lot of people relying on me to do this well. I gladly accept that responsibility, and it's a great one to have because it's a wonderful opportunity... I don't let the pressures get to me because that's going to hinder my performance and, therefore, let people down. So I choose to ignore the pressure side of it and focus on doing justice to Superman."

We wait excitedly to find out whether Cavil will deliver the goods here; although there's little doubt that he won't. Man of Steel his cinemas next June, and stars Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, Kevin Costner, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and Russell Crowe.

Watch the trailer here.