I'm a mahoosive Zach Braff fan. He's so nice, very talented and I loved Garden State. Oh and this little show called Scrubs; you know it? Having met him to discuss Oz: The Great and Powerful (yeah, guilty as charged... with the namedropping), we spoke about his wishes to get another project off the ground (it's been almost a decade since his debut film) However, as is often the case with these movies, financing them is a major obstacle. Why? Because the money guys demand a certain amount of creative control over such projects, often changing them beyond recognition, swapping, as Braff suggests, the role of a best friend with the role of a sexy pool boy. Played by Justin Bieber when really you wanted someone much, much cooler (who looks less like a teenage girl with the face of one of those freaky Evian babies) to play the part.

Is it possible to get movies made as they were intended to be made from the organic, original view of its creator? Often the answer is no, not unless you get a sole investor on your side, as was the case with Garden State. Is it important to have movies made with as much creativity left in tact? Yes, absolutely. So Braff needs you, to help him raise some funds, so he can make it independently, so that it won't suck. As Joseph Kosinski, director of Oblivion told me a few weeks ago (oh there I go again, NAMEDROP!) it's a rarity for almost any movie to make it from the pages to the big screen and his movie had Tom freakin' Cruise attached, so you can imagine just how challenging it is for the likes of Braff.

Watch this fantastic, cameo-filled video for more information and insight into the importance of smaller movies like I Wish I Was Here. If you liked Garden State, you'll get behind it. If you haven't seen it, SHAME ON YOU!

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