It's a much more wholesome story than her reacting to Chris Rock getting a slap across his face.

It turns out that the Nicole Kidman picture taken at the Oscars this past Sunday night wasn't actually her reacting to the biggest talking point of the entire event.

When the slapping incident happened, which we're pretty tired of writing about that this stage - catch up on everything new in the story here, social media began circulating a picture of the Oscar winner reportedly reacting to the moment on stage.

However, social media was all wrong. The extremely animated moment from the actor actually happened hours before #slapgate, during the un-televised first hour of the 94th Academy Awards.

According to the photographer who took the picture in question, Myung Chun of the Los Angeles Times, Kidman spotted an actor friend she wanted to say hello to - Jessica Chastain.

Asked if he remembered the moment, Chun said: "Yes, the picture of Nicole Kidman was taken during the non-televised portion. It appeared that she was excited to see Jessica Chastain across the room. Kidman then reached out her arms and waved to her with both hands.

"Shortly thereafter, Chastain walked over to greet Kidman and her husband Keith Urban."

There you go; it was all much more wholesome than what was originally reported, which makes the picture even better.

In fairness, if we spotted a purple fantasy such as this across the room (who later changed into a stunning green number to show off her Academy Award), we'd probably react the same way too.

And there we have it - the Nicole Kidman Oscars 2022 picture has been debunked.

Kidman was up for Best Actress alongside Chastain (who walked away with the Oscar for her role as Tammy Faye in 'The Eyes Of Tammy Faye') and will always and forever be the queen of the Oscars meme. Who could forget her trademark clap from the 2017 ceremony?

Via Vulture.