Two new images from the live-action version of Beauty and the Beast were released today.

The pictures were posted on Facebook by co-producer Jack Morrisey.

The first depicts Lumiere and Cogsworth (voiced respectively by Ewan McGregor and Ian McKellen) while the second depicts the tavern scene where it looks like Gaston, played by Luke Evans, is performing the renowned Gaston song.

Morrisey emphasised that in the first picture ‘These designs are close but may not be final.’ We’re still unsure about how happy we are that one of our favourite animated movies is getting a new computer generated look…

As for the second image, which Morrisey wrote ‘Here’s a moment of b-roll from a take on the Gaston musical number, with (l. to. r.) Alexis Loizon – Official as Stanley, Josh Gad as LeFou, and Luke Evans as Gaston’ alongside, can it capture the humour and fun of its predeccesor?


We’ll have to see when the film hits cinemas March 17th 2017.