Rebecca Ferguson, who's currently kicking twelve shades of crap out of people in 'Mission: Impossible - Fallout', has landed her next role in the adaptation of Stephen King's follow-up to 'The Shining', 'Doctor Sleep'.

Deadline reports that Ferguson will play Rose the Hat, an Irish cult-leader who murders children that posses telepathic ability by torturing them to death and feeding off their energy which they refer to as steam. Right so, dodgy Irish accents on the way. Check. Got it.

Ewan McGregor has already signed on to play the role of Danny Torrance, with Mike Flanagan of 'Gerald's Game' fame set to direct, with 'Fargo' breakout star Zahn McClarnon set to play Crow Daddy. The original screenplay was adapted by Akiva Goldsman, who scripted the very poor adaptation of 'The Dark Tower', however Flanagan has done a rewrite of his script with a release date of January 2020 pencilled in.

On top of that, Ferguson has also boarded the cast of 'Men In Black' with Chris Hemsworth, Liam Neeson, Emma Thompson and Kumail Nanjiani all set to star alongside her - so it's a big day in the Ferguson household, for sure.