Yeah, we can't really fit our brain around that headline either, but here we are.

Rowan Atkinson is set to star in a Chinese-language remake of The Hangover called Top Funny Comedian: The Movie. Atkinson will be reprising his role as Mr. Bean for the first time in a film since 2007's Mr. Bean's Holiday. He previously took part in a TV sketch to celebrate the character's 25th anniversary two years ago for Comic Relief.

What's more, Atkinson will star alongside four-time heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield in the film, which is set for a China-only release at the moment. The film sees a group of four men - and one woman - travel to a casino in Macau, where one of their party gets lost.

How Mr. Bean and Evander Holyfield factors into the equation, we don't know. Holyfield must obviously be playing the part that Mike Tyson played in the original, but where Mr. Bean factors into it, we've no idea. According to local newspaper The Beijinger, Atkinson didn't speak a word of Mandarin and communicated with the filming crew via facial expressions and gestures.

So, uh, yeah. There's that. Here's the trailer. Don't expect to see this released anywhere on this side of the planet.



Via The Beijinger