Universal Pictures are moving forward with a remake of the Al Pacino/Brian De Palma classic, Scarface.

The 1982 version centered on a poor, Cuban immigrant in Miami who rose to the top of the criminal underworld. As well as Pacino, it starred a young Michelle Pfeiffer and was written by Oliver Stone. Worth remembering, it was also remake of a film from the 30s... A DVD of the film also appeared in EVERY SINGLE episode of Cribs in the 90s that featured a rapper. 

THIS version will be set in LA, with Straight Outta Compton writer Jonathan Herman on penning duties.

While there's no cast or director in place as of yet, the buzz on 'Compton' is strong and there are some heavy hitting producers behind Scarface - so expect this one to fall into place soon.

We'd love to see someone like Michael Mann tackle this, however unlikely that is.