Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg are on such a hot streak at the moment that they even have aspiring screenwriters pretending to be them.

With Preacher performing well for them, the duo are now looking at adapting another graphic novel. This time from the creator of The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman.

Invincible is Kirkman's second longest running title after the zombie series and focuses on Mark Grayson, a pretty average high school kid in most aspects except for the fact that his father is a superhero. And a successful novelist too, but let's face it the superhero part is much cooler. Anyways, when he's seven, Mark's dad tells him that he's an alien and that one day he too will inherit his own set of powers. However they don't kick in until he turns 17 and is trying to hold down a part time job as well as manage his school work.

"For nearly a decade I've had to endure the 'what about Invincible?' question as fans have watched The Walking Dead grow into the multimedia monstrosity it has become over the years,' Kirkman said in a statement sent to The Hollywood Reporter.

'The answer was always that we were waiting for the right team to partner with. That team has arrived! The esteemed misters Goldberg and Rogen have proven themselves to be top-notch directors with a keen collective eye for stunning visuals after slumming it by writing hit after juggernaut hit."

Rogen and Goldberg plan to write, direct and produce the adaptation with Kirkman expected to be heavily involved.