Bad Neighbours is still the funniest film of the year, and managed to pass the lofty expectations that the folks at Universal Studios had for it at the box office.

While Seth Rogen and his producing partner Evan Goldberg are having meetings about the possability of a sequel, they're not really sure if it will work or not but seem open to the idea of revisiting the characters.

The lads were speaking at a 'Produced by' conference, and waxed lyrical on everything from test screenings to keeping budgets down, so their films can be green-lit without too much red tape.

They also spoke a feature they're working on with superstar comedian, Kevin Hart called Jazz Cops - about two police officers in 1950s America trying to infiltrate the jazz scene. Rogen would play one cop, Hart the other.

The guys have The Interview with James Franco in post production, and are currently recording voices for adult cartoon Sausage Party.

Via Deadline