There's no doubt about it - the all-female reboot is now the next big thing in mainstream Hollywood.

With the likes of The Force Awakens and Hunger Games finally put female characters front and centre, audiences are starting to see the progressive changes reflected on our screens too. With the news that the Ocean's Eleven all-female sequel - known as Ocean's Eight - is soon to enter production and Paul Feig's Ghostbusters nearing our screens, we thought we'd come up with a few other choices that could do with a gender flip.

Take a look.



This one has been mooted for quite some time, with rumours that Gina Carano and Carla Gugino leading a pack of female mercenaries on a desperate quest in some far-flung, exotic locale. With the huge success of the three Expendables films, there's every opportunity to get the likes of Brigitte Nielsen, Karen Allen, Sigourney Weaver, Nancy Allen and maybe even Bonnie Bedelia together for an '80s-throwback action caper. Who wouldn't love to see Sigourney Weaver working a flamethrower again whilst Karen Allen punches Germans in the face?


5. 12 ANGRY WOMEN, because that title's too good not to

12 Angry Men is one of the great American films and has been adapted numerous times. The most well-known is Sidney Lumet's 1957 version featuring a towering performance by Henry Fonda. William Friedkin's 1997 TV movie was equally terrific, with a great showing by George C. Scott as the antagonistic father / businessman. While there has been some stage productions that featured an all-women cast, it's a shame none of these have been caught on film. When you look at 12 Angry Men, it's incredible just how prescient it still is and it requires little or no adaptation in order to update for the modern age. Out of everything on this list, this one seems like the most likely to happen.


4. RESERVOIR BITCHES, because that title is also too good not to

Although Reservoir Dogs was itself borrowed from the Hong Kong action film, City On Fire, Quentin Tarantino's crime classic could be very easily remade with an all-female cast. Even the opening scene, which sees Tarantino's Mr. Brown talking about Madonna's Like A Virgin, could be updated to feature an in-depth discussion on Taylor Swift's Wildest Dreams. Casting wise, you'd need someone like Kathy Bates to play Joe Cabot whilst Tim Roth's Mr. Orange could be played by Olivia Colman. Get someone like Jenny Slate to play Steve Buscemi's Mr. Pink and Lorraine Bracco should play Harvey Keitel's character.


3. WALL STREET, but we can't think a female version of the title

In the '80s, Wall Street and Gordon Gecko's slicked-back, oily stockbroker titan was the pinnacle of machismo. An all-female version of Wall Street could be interesting as the sexist, macho-driven culture that it inspired could be viewed through the prism of women who felt they had to acquiesce to it in order to fit in. When you look back at Wall Street, it's amazing just how completely secondary the female characters are. Daryl Hannah's nothing more than a trophy to Charlie Sheen whilst Sean Young's character turns up for a couple of scenes of no importance.


2. COMMANDOE, because the doe is the female version of a deer and mix that with Commando

There's only one person who could honestly play a convincing version of Colonel John Matrix and that's Ronda Rousey. Give her a chaingun, put her on a plane to San Marcos and get Gina Carano to play Bennett and you're gone. You could even have Alyssa Milano's daughter played by Jacob Tremblay from Room to really knock the whole thing on its head.


1. TRAINSPOTTING, with angry British actresses headbutting each other

It goes like this. Renton would be played by Emily Blunt. Tommy would be Gwendoline Christie. Rose Leslie would be Sick Boy. Or Sick Girl, in this case. Emily Mortimer would be a great shout as Begbie whilst Spud could be played by Dobby from Peep Show. You could put Sally Phillips in there as Swanney and have Isaac Hampstead-Wright from Game of Thrones as the male version of Diane. Yes, none of these are Scottish actors, but this is all hypothetical so let's go with it.