When movie studios have to promote their big summer blockbusters they know that the poster is a key piece of marketing material. 

Having a big star, like Matt Damon for instance, is a huge selling point so you're going to want to feature both his name and where possible his face onto the poster. Which is what the marketing people for this Summer's release, Jason Bourne decided to do. 

It's simple, straight to the point and has it's star front and centre. The only problem is that it's originality has been called into question by Tom Butler, a the Deputy Editor of YahooMoviesUK. Butler has noticed a trend in the past few movies which Damon has headlined. 

Sadly it didn't end there.

And if you really want to get pedantic about it.

It's almost as bad as the Benedict Cumberbatch from behind trend.

With this lack of originality, it's hard to see our list of the Best Movie Posters ever made coming under threat any time soon.