'She's All That' can be credited with one of the most ridiculous plot devices in living memory.

You know that whole thing of girls wearing glasses being somehow ugly, even though they're actually stupidly beautiful underneath? And how when they take the glasses off, the male protagonist suddenly realises how pretty they are? 'She's All That' did it first. It was ridiculous and we laughed. A modern retelling of 'My Fair Lady', 'She's All That' scored poorly with critics and hugely with audiences and it's fondly remembered as one of the cheesiest, schmaltziest teen romcoms of the late '90s.

So, to remind ourselves of it all, here's a rundown of what everybody's been up to since then.


FREDDIE PRINZE Jr., - 'Zach Siler'

Freddie Prinze Jr. was a teen heart-throb throughout the '90s, starring in such films as 'I Know What You Did Last Summer', 'Summer Catch' and (gulp) 'Wing Commander'. Since then, Prinze Jr.'s career has taken some odd turns. He had a brief stint in the WWE (yes, the wrestling people) as a writer / producer, got married to Sarah Michelle Gellar (who had a cameo in 'She's All That', FYI) and even cropped up in 24's final series. He voiced the character of Kaanan in the Disney XD series 'Star Wars: Rebels', which recently wrapped.

freddie prinze jr she's all that



Yes, the ridiculously good-looking Rachael Leigh Cook, who played grungy art student Laney Boggs still looks amazing. Honestly, how dumb was this film? The long hair and glasses totally suited her and SO WHAT if she liked wearing denim and dungarees? They're all the rage now. That's called being fashion forward. Anyway, Rachel Leigh Cook is still going strong, most recently cropping up in a few cartoons here and there, 'Robot Chicken' being the most notable.

rachael leigh cook she's all that


PAUL WALKER - 'Dean Sampson, Jr.'

As we well know, Paul Walker sadly met a tragic end in 2013 from injuries sustained following a car-crash. Walker's career had been revitalised thanks to Fast & Furious and he was very much a part of the Hollywood elite before his tragic passing.


USHER - 'The Campus DJ'

You totally forgot Usher was in this, didn't you? Don't worry, we did too. Usher's acting career has been a bit patchy. Although he was pretty decent in 1998's The Faculty, he hasn't had much success with it. He's done a lot of Broadway work, however, and he's still releasing albums. Here's a tune off his most recent album, 'A'.

usher she's all that


KEVIN POLLAK - 'Wayne Boggs'

Stand-up comedian Kevin Pollak has been cropping up in spectacular films for the last twenty years. 'A Few Good Men'? 'Usual Suspects'? 'The Santa Clause 2'? Anyway, Kevin Pollak's surprisingly emotional performance as the father of Rachel Leigh Cook was particularly affecting. What's he doing now? He turned up in Allison Janney's critically acclaimed TV dramedy, 'Mom'. He's also quite active in the celebrity poker scene as well, which is a thing and hosts a popular podcast. Plus 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel' fans would have spotted him in the role of Moisle.


KIERAN CULKIN - 'Simon Boggs'

Playing the dweeby brother to Rachel Leigh Cook who traversed the canteen doling out pepper - seriously, how f*cking ridiculous was this film?! - Kieran Culkin was evidently through to move out of his brother Macaulay's shadow by taking on teenage roles instead of cute kid roles. Culkin would go on from 'She's All That' to star in indie hit 'Igby Goes Down' and 'Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World'. He's also turned up in the second season of Fargo's TV adaptation. He currently portrays Roman Roy opposite Brian Cox in the HBO series 'Succession'. You can spot Culkin and Pollack playing Laney's brother and father, respectively, in this renowned clip below.


CHRIS OWEN - 'Derek Funkhouser Rutley'

SHERMANATOR! Sherman is moving to Defcon 2. Full strategic arsenal, READY FOR DEPLOYMENT. This'll bum you out, however. In 2012, actor Chris Owen was reportedly spotting working as a sushi water in Santa Monica. And we can't find a recent photo of him either. He reprised the role of Sherman for 'American Reunion'. Since then he had a role on 'Criminal Minds' but his next credit is 'The Last Sharknado: It's About Time' - ooof. Let's relive that AWFUL scene when he pulled pubes out of his pants and put them on pizza.