The Conjuring 2 is being pulled from a number of cinemas in France following reports of 'loud yelling', 'hysterical laughter' and even violent altercations between audience members. 

The film, which stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga as a husband and wife team of paranormal investigators, was axed by some Paris cinemas on its release day. According to French newspaper Le Parisien, the reason for it being pulled from the Cyrano de Versailles cinema was cited as “ensure the safety of staff and customers”.

A full scale brawl was reported at the MK2 Bastille cinema after one group annoyed other audience members by “screaming at the slightest movement” on screen. 

Le Parisien are reporting that the majority of the 262 French cinemas that had intended to show the film have now removed it from their programmes. 

This isn't a first for the Conjuring franchise. Similar events occurred during the release of Annabelle, which was a spin-off of the first Conjuring movie. French multiplex owners removed the film from it's schedules on that occasion as well for 'security reasons'. 

Via The Guardian