Glenn Close's face when her name was announced as Best Actress (Drama) at this year's Golden Globes was one of complete and genuine shock, because, well, it was pretty shocking.

Lady Gaga was more or less tipped to win on the night for her performance in 'A Star Is Born', but it was Close - for her performance in 'The Wife' - that walked up the stage to collect the award. Fighting back tears, Close said that her fellow nominees should have been up with her for their work.

Laughing about the fact that 'The Wife' took 14 years to get made, Close talked about her mother and how she sublimated her own career for her father - the central theme of 'The Wife', the movie for which she won. As she finished up, Close talked about women finding their personal fulfillment, saying that "we have to fill our, y'know, we have to follow our dreams, we have to say 'I can do that', and, 'I should be allowed to do that'...'

Here's her speech in full.