Mwuahahaha.. Yes. This week is our HALLOWEEN Movie Show special! We know we're a bit early but sure look it, you have to get your costume planned and your horror movies organised in advance, right? This week we're taking a look at Paranormal Activity 4. Eoghan Doherty of Today FM drops by to talk me through it, 'cause I'm too much of a p***y to sit through it myself, y'see. Then our very own Rory Cashin drops by to talk through his top three horror movies of ALL TIME. If you agree, disagree or want to know where Rory got his scary head gear, leave us a comment!

Also on the show this week we've got a very scary (you guessed it) trailer for you and some Frankenweenie goodies to give away! Not just any goodies, an 'Art of Frankenweenie' book and a poster signed by the one and only Tim Burton and his cast. We know, we're spoiling you. To be in with a chance to win this head over to

While we're on the subject of Halloween, if you're looking for some fun scares, why not check out Fright House at the Lighthouse Cinema (home of The Movie Show) from the 26th - 31st of October. Full details below!

'til next week when it's a James Bond special.


Fri 26th Oct, 8.30pm


Given the recent release of the astounding Berberian Sound Studio, the folk at the Lighthouse have been dying for an excuse to play Dario Argento’s beautiful giallo film,Suspiria. This candy-coloured nightmare weaves a menacing tale of witchcraft as a fairy tale gone horribly awry. Don’t miss the opportunity to see this visual delight on the big screen and experience Goblin’s absolutely terrifying score at full volume.

*The film will be followed by a 35minute documentary Fear at 400 Degrees: The Cine-Excess of Suspiria which features interviews with director Dario Argento, composer Claudio Simonetti and more.

Sat 27th Oct – 8.00pm & 10.05pm


“Hi, I’m Chucky! Wanna play?” It has to be said that a massive part of this film’s charm is due to the vocal performance of the brilliant Brad Dourif. He manages to give killer doll Chucky not only charisma and a wicked sense of humour but also a disturbing sense of malice that terrified a generation of kids who watched this movie way too young - or was that just us?


A decade of questionable sequels have not diminished the power of Wes Craven’s striking horror film. In Freddy Krueger, you have what may be the definitive horror movie monster. Not only does he have a horribly scarred face AND knives for fingers, but he’s also inescapable as he lives within your dreams! However, like Chucky, we do enjoy his biting sense of humour!

Sun 28th Oct – 8.30pm


Presented in beautiful monochrome Director Frank Darabont excels yet again in an adaptation of a Stephen King story (he also made The Green Mile and The Shawshank Redemption). Darabont originally wanted to film The Mist in black and white, but bowed to studio demands for colour. He maintained his vision during production, filming as if it were black and white so this Halloween we want to do his vision justice by presenting The Mist as Darabont intended, stripped of all but two colours.

Monday 29th Oct – 8.30pm


Poltergeist taught us two life lessons: don’t build things on ancient burial grounds, and watch out for cute children, they regularly commune with the dead! Tobe Hooper directs this chilling horror film, which is all but free from blood and gore, focusing more on the unseen dread caused by the malevolent forces who take 5-year old Carol Ann captive - ‘They’re heeeeere.’

Tuesday 30th – 8.30pm


A perfect horror film? There’s something so simple and direct about John Carpenter’s Halloween that makes it all the more terrifying. We learn little or nothing about killer Michael Myers except that he kills with no inhibitions and is almost inhumanly strong. But Carpenter’s easy pacing, succinct editing and of course his memorable score, all make this one of cinema’s great slashers.

Wed 31st – 6.20pm & 8.30pm

ROOM 237 & Special Advanced Screening of THE SHINING

ROOM 237

You might think you’re the biggest The Shining fan ever, but you will learn watching Rodney Ascher’s brand-new documentary that you have some stiff competition! Room 237 features a number of interviewees discussing Kubrick’s film and positing several outlandish theories on the great director’s possible hidden agendas in making the film. We will screen bothRoom 237 and The Shining back-to-back on Halloween night because you promise you’ll be itching to revisit The Shining once you’ve seen this brilliant documentary.


On Halloween night they'll be doing a special preview screening of the new extended cut of The Shining. The original U.S. edit, which is 25 mins longer than the European version has never been released theatrically on this side of the Atlantic. We will be showing the film from Nov. 2nd but we're delighted to have this special advanced screening for you to enjoy on Halloween night!