We have seen many incarnations of Robin Hood on the big screen over the years, the last of which was the so-so Russell Crowe headlining 'Robin Hood' for his Gladiator helmer Ridley Scott.

But the character will always be popular with Hollywood as (A) They don't have to pay anyone to use the name rights and (B) That name is so recognisable.

With that mind in 300 and Immortals producer, Gianni Nunnari has enlisted newbie director, Hasraf ‘HaZ’ Dulul (who cut his teeth in special effects before getting Hollywood's attention with his short, SYNC) to call the shots on the film from a Tony Lee script. He's currently working on his first feature, Void.

You can feast your eyes on the 8 minute SYNC below. Easy to see why Dulul has garnered so much attention. He's got a fine sense of atmosphere and an obviously strong eye for a frame.