...and now we're terrified.

Cary Fukunaga, who directed last year's stand-out TV series True Detective, is close to signing a deal to adapt Stephen King's It into two films.

The script, which Fukunaga co-wrote, will be split between the children being tormented by Pennywise and their later lives.

Fukunaga has signed on to direct the first one and is almost set to ink a deal which will see him direct the second film also.

Stephen King is reported to have read the script and loves it.

Initial thoughts? Fukunaga's a solid director and he's going to be in demand a lot more now that he's free from True Detective.

2011's Jane Eyre was an underrated gem of a film that featured a fantastic central performance by Michael Fassbender and beautiful camerawork by Fukunaga.

No release date has been confirmed, although the film is due to begin production this summer.



via Vulture.com