Steve McQueen's film work has been marked out for its incredible visual sense and his ability to make even the most horrific or traumatic scenery look beautiful.

Most of his work has been largely dramatic or biographical, such as 2011's Shame or 2013's 12 Years A Slave, but rarely has it moved into other territories or genres. Until now, that is.

It's been confirmed by Variety that McQueen's next film will be Widows, an adaptation of an '80s ITV miniseries about a group of women who take on an heist after their four husbands die in the previous attempt. The series was written by Lynda LaPlante, who also wrote Prime Suspect with Helen Mirren. This time out, Gillian Flynn of Gone Girl fame will be taking on the role of screenwriter.

It's understood that HBO passing on McQueen's TV project, Codes Of Conduct, which allowed him to move up Widows for production. Viola Davis, meanwhile, has been busy trying to balance her TV work on How To Get Away With Murder and the encroaching film work, this year's Suicide Squad being one such example.

All in all, this sounds pretty damn incredible. As mentioned, McQueen's work really is something and seeing him move into the thriller genre with a Gillian Flynn script and Viola Davis attached is a recipe for something really special.

No release date has been set, but we'll keeping a close eye on this one.


Via Variety