We've never really heard of Ben Affleck doing impressions of his co-stars. 

It's not like he's Kevin Spacey or Tom Hiddleston is he? Well according to his Argo co-star, Alan Arkin, Affleck used to regularly do impressions of Arkin when promoting the Best Picture winner. 

"Ben Affleck started doing me.....a terrible version of me."

Arkin revealed that he must have heard Affleck do the impression about thirty times before Arkin got his own back at the Academy Awards the year Argo won Best Picture.

We want nothing more right now than a supercut of Affleck's scenes in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice dubbed over with Arkin's impression of Affleck. 

Another gem to come out of Buzzfeed's video with the stars of Going In Style, is Michael Caine telling a great story about meeting John Wayne and how the icon had some bizarre but in fact very sensible advice about suede shoes.